May 10th – The Legends of the Countryside

Captain’s Log: Day 3

Guten Morgen!

(Got about 4 hours of sleep, meaning a total of about 9 hours in the past 48 hours 😭💀)

I think after writing yesterday’s blog, that I have to let you know, I may occasionally post blogs in groups of two here on out, pretty much a blog every other day, but it doesn’t hurt to stay updated!

The purpose of the blog is to talk about what we did, but I want to immerse you, the readers, in the experience as if you were here next to me 😁
So I’ll do my best to be concise but detailed and entertaining to read!

I woke up a bit late today, and dressed business casual, we’re going to the first company Hoerbiger, and after that we have a big day going up the alps in Oberammergau. A day full of activity!

I was a bit late getting to the bus this morning, but it’s fine we’re on our way! To Hoerbiger, ja!

On the bus ride, we began to leave the city of Augsburg, and I noticed that there are massive fields full of grass, rapeseed, and solar panels. Germany has a population of over 80 million people, and is roughly the size of Montana, yet surprisingly there are massive fields and open space.

Look Familiar? Very similar to a famous photo Microsoft used back in 2001.
Also, open fields!

Very interesting to see life outside of the city that actually feels like you’re leaving the city! No nuclear power plants, no tall buildings, just the blue sky kissing the earth. The stars out here must be wonderful with what I look anticipate would be a place with little light pollution. The view was so clear that I could actually see the alps in the distance!

The Alps in the distance! I was literally blown away by this,
they look stunning all the way from out here! Absolutely glorious!

We arrived at Hoerbiger, a firm that specializes greatly in air filtration systems. They created a chip used in air filtration systems that’s very small, and EXTREMELY energy efficient. In fact, the exact words were, that a strawberry had enough energy to power the chip 1 billion times, which was absolutely mind boggling. After exploring the offices, we learned that Hoerbiger is a company what has a big focus on productivity and success, by manipulating the workspace of the employees. By giving the employees access to standing desks, a gym, and ver excellent office spaces!

Soon after, we toured the manufacturing facilities of Hoerbiger, and saw some of the coolest machine work in my whole life. The whole factory was just so wonderful to see the mass production of chips, gears, and valves! Hoerbiger is very profitable, and yet their products are all small components that are very necessary in the manufacture of cars, refrigerators, air filters, and so much more!

One thing I truly loved was the engineering ethics we witnessed today. Basically, as a company that develops chips for air filtering systems, Hoerbiger needs their chips to be completely free of ALL dust! They take this very seriously, because a dusty component in a piece of equipment used for air filtration would be very detrimental to the safety of customers. As such, Hoerbiger set up a system to constantly vacuum the factories consistently through out the day with robots. True Engineering revolves around the idea of improving society so life can slowly grow easier and more efficient for people. Therefore putting the people’s safety first, one of the purest sources of engineering ethics.

I couldn’t get any photos inside the facility because of legal terms, but I was able to (legally) snag this for keeps 😉

I don’t want to become a doctor, but I have to say, wearing this lab coat was absolutely awesome 😁

We headed out of Hoerbiger, and directly to the Alps! I don’t think I need to write about this one, I’ll let the photos do the talking. So here’s a bombardment of photos from the Alps!

One side is just full of mountain ranges
The other is a beautiful series of valleys
Breathtaking views at about 15 degrees Celsius and 1000+ meters above sea level
Plus3 Engineers!
Plus3 Germany!
Plus3 Gentlemen Looking Good!

Once we left the Alps, we headed straight to Oberammergau, a small village located near the alps, and a beautiful location for tourists 😎

As it was a small village, we were given the chance to spend the two hours in the village in whichever way we desired 😁

Sophia, Anna, Sydney, Zach, Daniel, Nate, Ben, Vipin, and I all decided to go shopping first, and then grab dinner (the other group kind of did the opposite, I think?)

When shopping, I found a plethora of handmade knickknacks all made of wood, precious stones, and many other cool things! So I decided to grab some gifts for family (not saying what because they’re reading this and I don’t want to ruin the surprise 😉)

After that, we went to a place called Theater Cafe, and grabbed dinner.

I decided to order the Spinatknödel, aka Spinach Dumplings, and I absolutely loved it! A fantastic meal, that seemed light, yet filling simultaneously.

Words of wisdom: Don’t be afraid to try new things! It’s totally worth it to get out and explore!

After dinner, we all headed back to the bus and went home (2 hour ride lol) Tomorrow is another VERY busy day. We’re heading to the city of Munich to visit the companies, Webasto and BMW, but enough about that tonight, I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Gute Nacht!

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