Day 4, the Irish way of thinking

Today was the first day that I am feeling very tired… the day started at breakfast where I got a pancake with Nutella and it was great. Straight from breakfast, we went to Business Enterprise Center which was the company where I am doing my final report on. I liked the company and the space is beautiful in person. There are so many types of office spaces available for startup companies to flourish. As I talked about yesterday, our tour with Dr. Kelly was great and he said a lot of things that resonated with me. One thing, in particular, was that the Irish are known for taking the unconventional route. This made me then think about myself and what route I typically follow. As much as I hate to admit it, I think that I am a more conventional person. I feel much more comfortable with a rubric or a guide for almost everything. Now back to today and our visit to the GEC. Our presenter, Madison, talked about how important it is for startups to be flexible and adaptable if they want to succeed. This once again made me think about how I feel and why more comfortable going by the book and following every rule. Both yesterday and today resonated with me and are now making me think that maybe I need to start taking the unconventional route more often. I hope that after this trip I will be able to see a change in my life towards a little bit more of an unconventional way of thinking. Overall, today was another great day and I am looking forward to exploring more of Ireland this weekend!

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