Day 4: up in the mountains

Rough start to day 5, as it was just a little bit harder to wake up so early. Nevertheless I made it to breakfast, slugged back my cappuccino and started the day with another bus ride.

The bus ride views never disappoint and the ride up to the highest mountain in Cyprus was breath taking. Small roads and sharp turns don’t make it easy for a large tour bus to navigate. Mike got motion sickness, but the view distracted others from even the thought. At the highest mountain in Cyprus is Troodos Square. We learned that it is one of the only places on the island, where snow is regular each year. Here we walked around, or “hiked” around, in our business casual clothes. Troodos Square also had souvenir stores where I was able to pick out post cards and other keepsakes for my family.

After Troodos Square, we made the trip down the mountain to Omodos Village. Here, we had a lot of free time to explore the village and soak in the sun. This part of Cyprus really reminded me of Greece with the white staggered houses and small alleys with shops or wineries. In the center of the village was the Timios Stavros Monastery that looked like and is a work of art. It was really special to see the brilliant architecture and place of worship for so many. We admired the monastery, the local bakeries, and jewelry stores before meeting in the middle of the square for group lunch at Stou Kir Yianni Tavern.

At lunch, we were served another meze style meal. I am in love with these type of meals. They are perfect because you get a satisfying taste of so many different foods and the plates come out so fast. My favorite dishes were the sausage and honey sesame halloumi. The meal left everyone stuffed and ready for a nap on the bus before our company meeting.

Today we met with the Cyprus Port Authority. The Cyprus Port Authority is responsible for the management, operation, and development of ports in Cyprus. We talked to a panel of five representatives with different specialties. I really enjoyed the emphasis and importance they put on sustainability, climate change, and protecting the environment. There is such thing as the blue economy that somewhat takes a role in these actions. The men were very knowledgeable, well spoken, and very informative.

To end the day we hung around the hotel and old town. Enjoying food and eachother’s company!

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