Day 5: Weisswurst and Faurecia (May 12)

It has become perfectly evident that getting enough sleep is impossible to come by on this trip, and today this was especially true. Although everyone was exhausted, we were treated to a Weisswurst breakfast in the countryside. The restaurant was sat right next this gorgeous field of rapeseed with hills in the background, which turned out to be the perfect setting for my first experience with Weisswurst.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Weisswurst and the pretzel that went along with it. One thing I would never be capable of was having a large beer at nine in the morning like almost every single German that was there. I do think that this was the best breakfast I have had so far on the trip, which was made even better with one of my favorite views so far.

Hi Vipin 🙂

Following our morning feast, we were on our way to the second to last company visit, Faurecia. We saw another type of industry today with prototyping. The tour today was almost the exact opposite to BMW yesterday with our experience at Faurecia being much more personalized. There was a plethora of information to take in, with four slide shows and a tour in a total of five hours at the site. It was interesting to see another side of the automobile industry as well, due to the fact that Faurecia produces catalytic converts, seat warmers, and invests into hydrogen fuel.

Before we took the bus back home, we goofed around getting trucks passing by the road to honk for us. Dr. Feick may not have appreciated it entirely but it was a great form of entertainment to pass by the time. We were also on our own for dinner again, so we got Maxi to recommend a place to go eat. He picked Wirtshaus unter dem Bogen, one of his favorite restaurants. It had great seating outside and I ordered sauerbraten, which was tasty. I think it is very important to try as many different German dishes as I can now that I have the opportunity.


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