Mountains and Bread Rolls

Today we woke up and went to Troodos Square to start our day. After a nap on the bus, we got there and we were free to walk around the town and enjoy the views. Bella and I walked a short trail and then went to a few souvenir stores. They had many random Cyprus merchandise as well as a few food items.

After this stop, we got on the bus again and traveled to Omodos Village. This place was located in the mountains as well and had many restaurants and stores to stop by. The stores had tons of jewelry and we looked in every place while enjoying an iced coffee. After a little over an hour, we sat down for lunch. We were given multiple courses of different Meza style food.

Finally, we attended a presentation at the Limassol Chamber of Commerce. We listened and then were able to ask many questions that helped us understand their processes even more. The bus ride after this back to our hotel was about an hour.

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