Sausage for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (5/12)

We started off the day with Weisswurst. This is a white sausage that is typically eaten for breakfast and it is known to be a traditionally Bavarian meal. The sausage comes in a casing that needs to be peeled off before you eat it. It is actually one of my favorite German foods so I had three for breakfast.

Afterwards, we had about an hour of free time before our company visit at Faurecia. I decided to go to a Rewe, a local grocery store, to buy a snack for later since there was not a scheduled lunch on our itinerary. Here I found a packaged sausage (I included a picture of it) that I thought would be good to have for later. It was smoked salami that didn’t need refrigerated and was already cooked. I packed it for my visit to Faurecia and we left shortly after for the company visit.

The visit began with a company introduction and tour. Faurecia makes car seats and other car parts such as pipes which made up the majority of the tour. After the tour, we learned about the company’s research into Hydrogen power and its viability as an environmentally friendly fuel source in cars, trucks, and airplanes. It was around this time when I tried the sausage I packed earlier. It tasted like a mix of beef jerky and breakfast sausage. I found it to be okay, but in the future I think I will look for sausage from a butcher, not a grocery store.

At the end of the day, about half of our group got dinner at a Bavarian restaurant called Bayerisches Haus am Dom. Here I ordered Bratwurst because any authentic Bavarian restaurant would have great Bratwurst. It did not disappoint; it came with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut and they were both delicious. My major takeaway for today was that the German diet heavily relies on sausages. Although they are delicious, I think I could go awhile before I have any sausage again.

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