Weißwurst and Faurecia! (May 12)


Woohoo! We got to sleep in today! The day started around 7 in the morning, when we boarded the bus to a distant breakfast restaurant. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the view when we arrived was wonderful.

Fields of agriculture outside of the restaurant!

Look at that view! It almost looks like the side of the “Dairy Pure” sour cream packaging from the grocery stores back home! That’s how perfect the countryside here is! The food at this breakfast restaurant certainly lived up to the view as well. We had Bavarian Weißwurst, a type of sausage served here for breakfast, as well as some pretzels and refreshments. The food was cooked to perfection, and had all of the flavor and charm of a small, family owned restaurant.

Later in the day, we toured Faurecia. Faurecia is a German company which produces exhaust systems, catalytic converters, hydrogen mobility, and seating for vehicles. The tour was excellent. Faurecia wasn’t as heavily automated as the other firms we visited, but the quality and ingenuity of their work was clear from what we saw. Faurecia uses quality craftsmanship to innovate in automobile technology.

Finally, I ended my day by going out to eat with some of my fellow Plus3 participants, alongside one of the German-students, Maxi. Kuddos to Maxi for taking us to the place, because the food was awesome! I ordered a type of German pork cut, with cheese noodles on the side. It was really good! Talking with Maxi and the rest of the guys was even better than dinner! I’m really proud of the relationships we’re building here in Plus3 Germany. The chemistry is so good within our group! The people that I get to work with everyday really make this place so much more special.

Today’s post is a shorter one, but I promise there will be more to come! See you all tomorrow!

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