A Day in Larnaca

Today we went to the port of Vassiliko located in Larnaca. There we met with two companies Vassiliko Cement Works and VTTV. Vassiliko Cement Works produces all of the cement in Cyprus. Cement is the largest heavy industry in Cyprus, and the third largest exported product following medicine and halloumi. When talking to Vassiliko Cement Works we learned about the process to make cement. In a few steps large amounts of fossil fuels are used to heat up the cement. While having our meeting we talked about alternative uses to fossil fuels. Vassiliko Cement Works said that they are substituting up to 65% of the fossil fuels they use. The alternative choices they use are chopped tires, dry seaweed sludge, refuse derived fuels (RDF), and meat bone meal. It is quite interesting how these seemingly random articles can be used to heat cement to such high heats and replace fossil fuels. Next, we met with VTTV. To start the meeting, we played a short game of Kahoot about to company to build engagement. I am proud to announce that I won the game of Kahoot. They store(or can refine and enhance when needed) crude and clean oil in tankers for their customers until it needs used. They have a fully automated system set up get the oil onto trucks for transport. VTTV described the importance of Cyprus’s location in the Mediterranean for oil. They said that Cyprus is the spot between Northern Europe and Northern Africa. Europe has excess oil and Africa does not have enough. Cyprus plays an important factor in the transfer of oil between the two continents, making them an important part of the supply chain. This location also greatly helps increase Cyprus’s economy. Lastly, we had a few hours to ourselves to swim in the ocean. I can now say that I have swam in the Mediterranean Sea, which is exciting.

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