Cement, Oil, and the Mediterranean Sea

Today we visited the VTT Vasiliko at the Vasiliko Port. A representative from Vassiliko Cement Works spoke to us about their company. In addition to managing four quarries for the extraction of raw materials for cement production, this company operates in the clinker and cement production sectors. The largest Quarry is the Limestone Quarry in the Kalavasos Village in Cyprus. In the supply chain process, The Cement Works is responsible for supplying, manufacturing, and distributing the cement. The Cement Works does every part of the process in their facility from the raw material of the clinker to the end production of the cement. They produce the cement by grinding the clinker into a fine powder and adding gypsum. As cement is used to manufacture construction products, many of their customers have long-term contracts. We got to visit the control center where there are computer screens that show a live video of the cement being made. There are very few people actually on site because it is mainly controlled in the control center on computers. There are three people who analyze the production of the cement on the screens and fix anything that needs to be fixed through the screen. 

Afterwards, we heard about VTT Vasiliko, a company that stores crude and clean oil in tankers for customers until they need them. Clean oil means that the crude oil, the oil directly from the ground, has been refined into gasoline or diesel that is used for cars. They described their responsibility as a hotel. The site allows VTTV to serve as a bridge to customers transporting products and cargo. Being located between Africa and Europe provides another advantage. Cyprus allows the flow of oil between Africa and Europe since Africa lacks oil and Europe has an excess. In the supply chain process, this company plays a big role as a distributor. 

We then visited Hala Sultan Tekke which is a mosque that was built over a tomb of Umm Haram. The mosque was constructed around her tomb because of her close relationship to the prophet Mohammad. It serves as one of the most important sites for Muslims. We also visited the St. Lazarus Church. Saint Lazarus was considered an important person because he was resurrected by Jesus from the dead. His tomb is located underneath the church. We ended the day with a swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

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