Cyprus Day 5

Today we headed back to Limassol to go to the Maritime Training Center to learn about the operations of container ships. Upon entering the center, we were greeted by a replica container ship and sail ship. The center acts as a premier destination for seaman to become certified in the industry. This location is one of the very few that can certify a seaman for almost every national and international certificate. They use a variety of realistic simulators to train their students as if they were actually on the ship. We entered the simulator for the engine room and were greeted with a number of panels. The screens displayed all the intricacies of the engine, and they even use a large subwoofer to mimic the loud conditions a seaman would experience. Furthermore, we entered the simulator for the bridge mimicking the how one would navigate the ship. We were able to use this simulator and steer the virtual ship down the English Channel. This was a very rewarding experience as I learned how these ships operate.

After our experience in the training center, we took a coastal drive down to the city of Larnaca. On the way we stopped at the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque. This mosque is considered one of the holiest sites in all of Islam as it is the death place of the mother of the prophet Mohammad. The site featured parts of the original building from when it was constructed and the tomb. After our quick stop here, we ended in the city of Larnaca. Situated on the coast Larnaca is a beach destination. While there I enjoyed the sun and the sand as we had free time to relax and unwind for the day.

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