Day 5: Fish and the Seas

Today we began our day with a company visit in Limassol to BSM Maritime Training Center where we were able to see the processes and simulations used to train seafarers. We even got to play around with the one simulation and see how it worked! Following this, we delighted ourselves with a fishy group meal at a tavern where we were served various seafood most of which I have never seen before.

We then visited Hala Sultan Tekke modestly dressed as we viewed the important place of worship and a tomb. Following this we were also able to take a look inside Saint Lazarus Church in Larnaca and explore the surrounding area where I bought various souvenirs (mostly including donkeys!) and had a chance to dip my feet into the water as I walked along the beach.

Today was an interesting day which was both new and exciting. I can’t wait for tomorrow when we go to Paphos!

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