May 11th- Star Wars: Return of the Döner Kebab

Today was a very busy day. We started our day very early and traveled to our first company of the day, Webasto. Once we arrived we were greeted with drinks and butter filled pretzels. It was a very nice of Webasto to do this, I was not expecting it at all! The pretzels were very good, however after a couple bites it becomes very filling and tough to eat. Shortly after our little snack break, we began the presentations. We learned all about Webasto and their roofing systems and charging stations. Once we got into the tour of the company we got more in to depth about their roofing system. I found it very neat all the different tests that have to be done to ensure the quality of the product. For example, there is a rain test and a test where they drop things to see how breakable the roof is. But I was shocked when we went in to the anechoic chamber where they tested the roof for sounds. The room felt so crazy to be in because once you walk in, all the noise going on in the facility went away.

Right after our Webasto tour, we headed straight to Munich to tour the BMW Headquarters. BMW is the company I am presenting about, which made the tour even more enjoyable. I absolutely loved the plant tour more than anything I’ve seen so far. It was incredible seeing all the machines in action, and watching them assemble cars. The thing that surprised me the most was how the machines can just scan a QR code and then they just know which part to use to put on the cars. After the plant tour we had a tour of the BMW museum. I found it very interesting how BMW got started with airplane engines and because of the Treaty of Versailles they had to move on to automative engines. Shortly after that we had a quick Q&A with a BMW employee, which was very helpful to answering all the questions I had about the company. For example, I was curious about the laws they had to follow for other countries, and we found out they use California as a benchmark for a lot of things because they are very strict.

BMW Headquarters

Last but not least, once we got back from Munich, a couple of us went straight to Alibaba Döner. Yes that is right, it was the return of Döner Kebab. I got to say though, it was even better the second time having it and I wont be surprised if I get it again!

Döner Dürüm

Overall, very long day but I still had a lot of fun I am very excited to keep going on the rest of these visits!


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