May 13th – Please Let Me Werke at GROB

Captain’s Log: Day 6


Another fantastic day, I think my sleep schedule has started to readjust but I always feel tired one way or another, so let’s get on with today!

Today started super super early, like it did on Wednesday with Webasto and BMW, but only one company visit today thankfully. So after waking up at about 6:25, I headed down to breakfast to grab a small bowl of yoghurt, and then just like that, we headed to the bus for another hourish drive to Munich, see you soon!

We arrived at Grob Werke, and began with a brief presentation on what the company was all about, and then we got to see the plant tour.

Pronounced Grobe. Simple name, complex company.

Of all great things I have seen in Germany, this was by far my favorite now! The plant was absolutely spectacular in every way I could think. The factory space was combined with the office space in a brilliant way to show and get the best of both worlds. Also, the facility offered a ton of training for employees and interns! I was genuinely impressed, and it turns out there are always open positions for many many people! I am thoroughly excited and I would genuinely enjoy working with them!

Our tour guide was also excellent, and made the experience better! In fact right before he asked, I told him, “You will see me again sometime soon. I know it.” An internship here would be a dream come true, and I am going to do my best to secure a position! But for now, we’re going to the University of Augsburg, for a mini presentation. See you soon.

And I’m back, me and my crew just finished final business meetings 🎉🎉🎉
After an exhausting 4 days, we’re done!

Currently we are on our way to the hotel, and then we’re grabbing “Family Dinner” in Gaby’s words. She’s not wrong, after all Plus3 Germany is all just a big family.
I’ll be back to tell you about it soon!

We went to an Italian restaurant called Aposto, I got a cool pizza called Wilde Kuh in the menu, I’m not sure what the reasoning is, but I do know it tased really good! In fact much better than Dragone from earlier this week.

Basically a margherita pizza, with some additional toppings.

The green leaves are not basil here, it’s a leaf
called rocket which was a bit bitter but nice!

The Big blob of cheese is called Burrata, and just as it is, it’s a big ball of cheese!

After leaving Aposto, and having a wonderful meal, we decided to get some gelato. I haven’t tried ice cream yet, so I was excited to try it. Maxi recommended I try the spaghetti gelato, so I got it.

Spaghetti Gelato: Named because the actual gelato is shaped like pasta noodles.
My photo isn’t the best, but this tasted really good, topped with some strawberry compote-like-thing.

I was very happy with it, and I’m truly hyped that the presentations have ended!


Beautiful night time in the city of Augsburg

Tomorrow is supposed to be a really fun day, as we are heading into Munich for a tour, and some free time! I’m really looking forward to it, and I hope you are excited to learn more about it!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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