Amalgamating Thoughts in Arenal

I was shocked to see the biodiversity when visiting the cloud forest in Monteverde, but I was able to see even more in the rainforest of Arenal. Being at a higher elevation, the cloud forest is a cooler temperature than the rainforest, and there are different animals and plants that prefer these differing environments. For example, it’s a lot less common to spot a quetzal in the rainforest as opposed to a cloud forest. In addition, spider monkeys would be a common sight in a rainforest but not in a cloud forest. In Arenal, I saw some monkeys, a wild cat, some wild pigs, and more birds than in Monteverde.

The rainforest of Arenal is special, however, because of the hot springs, lake, and volcanoes. There are a variety of experiences that a tourist can have all in one general area. Many tourism-dependent cpmpanies thrive here due to these attractions, but still face many challenges. The ecotourism business in Costa Rica is growing almost exponentially, but only because these companies have key practices in place in order to keep tourists (customers) invested.

Tourists want to come to Costa Rica to experience nature, so the environment must be in peak condition or else tourists won’t want to come. This means the wildlife cannot be disturbed. This is easier said than though because of the changing climate. As temperatures rise, the wildlife in Costa Rica may begin to dwindle, so these companies must operate in sustainable manners to minimize climate change.

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