Climbing our Way through Paphos

I have been eagerly awaiting today’s activities since we started preparing for the trip! The first stop of the day was an ancient Kourion where we were able to see the ruins of an old home and an amphitheater. Our tour guide did a great job explaining what each room was and even where the water flowed through the house. We learned that ancient Cypriots had separate hot baths and cold baths. The amphitheater was gorgeous and overlooked the Mediterranean Sea. There was a tiny square I’m the center of the base at the amphitheater which marks where the best acoustics are. It was surreal to hear your own voice from that spot. Next, we drove to see Aphrodite’s Rock which has a beautiful view of the sea. We learned that there is a myth that if you swim nude to Aphrodite’s rock at midnight during a full moon you will gain either Aphrodite’s beauty if you’re a woman or eternal life if you’re a man. 

Afterwards we went to see the tomb of the kings. We learned that the tombs were robbed by grave robbers, and as a result do not hold any of the remains or buried treasure. At the excavation site we took tours of two different tombs. One was kept in its original state and the other had been restored to what it may have looked like back then. Our tour guide mentioned that each of these tombs are made from one rock that is carved to incorporate the atrium, burial chambers, etc..

Also, another fun fact is that there are no kings buried at the tomb of the kings.

Later on in the day, we visited an archeological park that had the house of Dionysus. This park houses hundreds of square meters of ancient, ornate mosaics. Some of the mosaics represented mythical legends while others were simply geometric patterns. The archeological park is still uncovering some of the mosaics in the other houses. I suppose this means that I must come visit again in a couple of years!

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