Day in the Life: Tico Farmer Edition

Today we visited Don Guillermo’s farm, Life Monteverde, where we got to explore small farm agriculture and learn about their in house activities and methods. More specifically, we learned a lot about Tico farmers and how they live and work on the farm. Many of us also got to talk and interview local workers about what exactly they do at the farm and the initiatives that they are working for. I got to speak to a migrant from Nicaragua and he explained about the organic process of coffee and how it fuels their economy in the long run as it is more sustainable and appealing to consumers. In Life Monteverde, many of the farmers are from other places like Nicaragua, and they are provided lodging and food in exchange for their labor. This sounds like a pretty good deal to me as they even have schools and playgrounds built for the children of the farmers to get an education.

In creating a sustainable farm, Life Monteverde attempts to reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides and instead use organic methods such as compost. Organic is harder to do and generates lower profit and yield in the short term but it in the future, the soil will be richer and the company will earn more profit. As life goes on, more people are going to school and becoming educated, leaving less people with the desire to farm. Many individuals are exposed to all these new opportunities through travel and technology, that they no longer want to farm like their parents did.

If I were the child of a Tico farmer, I would follow in Guillermo’s footsteps with sustainability initiatives. I would continue trying to use natural resources as much as possible and reusing anything I can to not pollute the environment any further. Furthermore, I was impressed with their donation initiatives that they use from the revenue generated by tourists. I would continue with that as that is a great way to give to the community and use what tourists have to offer.

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