Live, Life, Love

Tico farmers such as Don Guillermo live a simple, minimalist, way of life. Don Guillermo is not concerned with making as much money as possible, he only wants to make enough to live comfortably, and he focuses the rest of his energy on making sure that his farm is beneficial to the environment. Don Guillermo has said that he isn’t not motivated by money, and what makes him happy instead is being able to see nature thrive around him. 

One problem that is faced as a result of being focused on nature is pests. Using synthetic fertilizer and pesticides can cause the chemicals to leak into the ground water and contaminate the water supply further down the mountains. As a result, they need to use more natural pesticides, or none at all. In the long run, this could be beneficial for the plants, because they develop their own natural defenses to pests, but this is more costly in the short run, since the pests destroy plenty of crop. 

Engineering is a very important part of a sustainable farm. All of the different parts of the farm must work together to ensure the optimal production, from the fertilizer, to the chickens laying eggs. Chemical and biological engineering is especially useful, since the fertilizer uses special micro organisms when it is produced. 

If I were a child of two Tico parents, I would probably be inspired by the conservation efforts of Life Monteverde, and I would focus on protecting nature across the world. I would encourage sustainable farming practices in other countries, and show people how they can both preserve nature and make a living. 

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