May 14th – The Metropolitan City of Munich: Oddities and Fun

Captain’s Log: Day 7

Guten Morgen!

Today is the big day! The grand city of Munich! No time to waste, let’s get right into it!

Today we took the train to Munich which was so much faster then the bus we’ve been taking (not necessarily nicer tho lol) Trains don’t deal with traffic and can go up to speeds of 90 km/h, so the ride should only be like 30 minutes!

Augsburg Train Station

I’m back! We arrived in the city of Munich!

A grand city full of sights to see, and tourists to trick 😂

We got off the train and headed right into city. To be greeted by the massive town hall right by the train station, and it is commonly referred to as the Rathaus-Glockenspiel, which is basically a giant clock tower that includes a bunch of puppets dancing around the ring of it every time the hour hits 11 AM, 12 PM, and 5 PM.

Glockenspiel, Pretty much an enormous clock
The puppets here would dance around the radius of the circular balconies

After seeing the show of the puppets dancing, we met up with a tour guide who basically gave us a lot of information about the history of Munich, as well as the history behind some of the churches and other old buildings surrounding us. The history was quite in-depth, so I’ll refrain from speaking about it too much.

Relating to the Glockenspiel, the guide told us the significance behind the puppets, basically explaining that it represents a wedding of Duke Wilhelm V and Renate of Lorraine which was celebrated way back in February 1568 in Munich. Fascinating how they play this show 3 times a day to honor them!

After the tour, we all split ways for some individual free time in the city. My group was getting hungry, so collectively we decided to go to lunch. I wasn’t sure what the name of the place was, but the inside (or should I say outside) decor was really pretty to see.

Every so often, a flower from the tree would fall down to the floor or table

I personally wasn’t really hungry at the time, so I decided to skip on this one, and just grab water, which if I haven’t specified before, is NOT free in Germany! And pretty much the rest of Europe as well.

After getting lunch, my crew wanted to get some Gelato off the streets here, which I couldn’t refuse to get, so I indulged!

Gelato in general is just a lot creamier and smoother than regular ice cream is!
Very tasty, and definitely an excellent choice with the German sun’s intense heat

After beginning our expedition of the city, we found some rather unusual/cool things that we just had to stop by and see.

Hilarious street performer with an act like I’ve never seen.
The act was brilliant, they would play music regularly and just
jump-scare people walking by, but if you dropped a coin in their
money supply, they would bow and play an additional tune.
Headless accordion player!

After browsing for a bit, we found the main shopping district to pick up some gifts and other fun things. Browsing through the stores was really entertaining, and sometimes we’d find shop owners willing to give us discounts because we were students! Very generous of them!

Peter and I, stopped by a standard clothing store and found some leather jackets.
Though they were crazy expensive, we both felt a feeling of missing
someone when we took the jackets off ;( , the jackets were made to be with us, but just couldn’t.
We looked so bad 😎🔥🧥
Also, I kind of resemble the terminator here 😁

We found a mall and decided to stop by a LEGO store in Munich, and once we arrived, my heart felt something it hasn’t felt in years. LEGO had been such a grand part of my childhood, I almost cried to see it all. This store was selling sets that had been discontinued like the Star Destroyer and Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, both of which are sets consisting of thousands of pieces, and costing hundreds of Euros! I wasn’t able to buy anything because most of the stuff was either not of interest to me, or just ridiculously expensive if it was. All I learned was, I miss LEGO 😭💔

Finally, we had to head out to a restaurant for the night to meet as a group but before that I had to grab one last photo.

Look at us, we’re practically family 😂

We went to Hans im Glueck, which was just pretty much a burger shop, with a German twist on it, so I decided to grab one of their chicken burgers with goat cheese and lingonberries! The food didn’t fail us, it was all just too good, and my crew and I truly enjoyed it!

In house lemonade, consisting of a fruit salad, very refreshing!
Chicken burger as described above, absolutely fantastic, and very fresh!

So after dinner, we got back on the train and finally headed home. Today was an absolute blast, and I really enjoyed the sights as well as the merchandise.

I’ll be back tomorrow as normal to report again!

Gute Nacht!

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