Swinging Into Life Monteverde

Today we visited the Life Monteverde farm where Don Guillermo showed us what the life of a Tico farmers could look like. When we first split into our groups, we all were assigned a challenge to complete. My group was the talk to the volunteers on the farm in order to get a better grasp on what a typical day of a worker at Life Monteverde is like. One of the volunteers told us that they are currently working on building a bigger area for the chickens, painting the barn, and taking care of the animals.

Every volunteer that we talked to emphasized how happy they are on the farm. They all stay a different amount of time based on personal preference but two weeks seemed to be the average. They said that in doing this, they are making friends from all of the world, while also putting efforts of sustainability back into the Earth.

After seeing the whole farm and talking to Don Guillermo, I realized how cool life would be on Life Monteverde. There was not one person that we met that didn’t have great things to say about being in nature everyday. If I were a Tico farmer’s child, I could see myself dedicating my life to continuing the sustainability and conservation mission that Life Monteverde believes in. I think it was so different from all of the other coffee farms we visited because Don Guillermo talked about real life. While he talked about coffee and the animals on the farm, his real motive was for us to understand how valuable nature is.

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