Zoom 2: Electric Boogaloo

On 5/12, I visited one site: Zoom.com. Once again, I learned nothing about Cyprus culture. The lag made it difficult to pick up on most of the conversation—mainly from CPA and CSA—but I was able to hear the Limassol Chamber of Commerce discuss the implications of globalization for the economies of both Cyprus and the world as a whole.

As far as supply chain management goes, both CPA and CSA were heavily oriented towards the movement of products and materials. Unlike Wargaming, there was little emphasis on the transfer of information, as the core competency of any ship management company lies in its ability to transport large volumes of physical objects at a time.

For the Limassol Chamber of Commerce, the focus was on the impact of globalization on supply chain management. The main enabler for recent surges in globalization was the Internet and the consequent massive leap in efficiency regarding the international movement of information—while effective land and sea transportation for physical products has been around for many years, the necessity for quick transmission of information was not matched by the technology of its time until recently. Supply chains are also getting more interconnected on a global scale as companies find it easier to stick to their core competencies and offload other responsibilities to other companies that excel at them. 

For a comparison between the industries of the US and Cyprus, the salient contrast is the massive proportional dependence of the Cyprus economy on ship management. Otherwise, the topic of globalization inherently involves both countries to a significant degree; the Cyprus economy is potentially more impacted by globalization (adjusting for size), as its economy is more product-oriented than that of the US.

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