Adopting a Sheep ASAP

Urban Ireland displays a completely different lifestyle compared to rural Ireland, with pros and cons for both. The environment of Dublin is extremely fast-paced, with high cost of living, and has plenty of business opportunities. Whereas villages in the mountains have lots of great farming. a more peaceful environment, and a close-knit community.

Today’s visit to the sheep farm in rural Ireland had me smiling that whole time. Watching the dogs, Milo and Rob (adorable names) move the flock of sheep around was incredible and the lambs were so cute. This is my official announcement that I am dropping out of Pitt to pursue my dream of owning my own sheep farm. Just kidding…sorta. Anyway, I noticed that this sheep farm was actually very similar to the companies we have visited throughout Dublin. Collecting the sheep is whole business operation in itself, having to go out with a truck, assemble the sheep before any ‘competitors’ do, and then sort the sheep into categories. As sad as it sounds to belittle the sheep into the same category as products, it is the reality of owning a sheep farm. But it is a similar operation that businesses do to earn their revenues.

Finally, I noticed while driving around rural Ireland that there is less class disparity compared to Dublin. Nearly every property seemed to be around the same size and in the same condition, with lots of land around. In Dublin, however, I have seen some luxurious housing as well as tons of poverty.

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