Beach Day in Paphos

Today was easily the most relaxing so far! Luckily we were able to get our bus extended from 12pm to 3pm, so we had some extra time to enjoy the beach. Our hotel room was super nice and so was the breakfast. It was mostly the same food as our normal hotel, but the tropical fruit they served was so refreshing. We left for the beach around 11am and stayed there until about 2:30. It was small, but almost everyone in Cyprus 1 and 2 were enjoying the sun together, and the water was so refreshing! We swam out to a patch of rocks and it was really cold at first, but I got used to it after swimming for a bit. Then we played some volleyball and it was time for my favorite thing to do on the beach: lay out and fall asleep. Once it was time to leave the beach, we had to get food, but we were running out of time so wee took it to go and got in and out of the restaurant in about 15 minutes. The hour and a half bus ride was the perfect time to nap, decompress, and let our sunburns set in. Overall today was one of the most fun days of the trip so far!

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