Relaxing in Paphos


As amazing as all of our trips and visits have been so far this past week, I’d be lying if I said if I wasn’t anxiously waiting for our first full beach day. Today it finally came, and it was so much fun! Almost everyone from both Cyprus Plus 3 groups met at the beach to have a fun, relaxing day together. With the sun finally back out we were able to enjoy the beauty of the Paphos coast to it fullest potential. The water was a crystal clear blue unlike I have ever seen, and the views were perfect.

It was interesting seeing how a beach day in Cyprus compared to one in America. The beach here was not long and crowded like the ones in America. Instead it was more private and peaceful. That gave everyone room for a huge game of volleyball. It also provided a great opportunity for a fun group photo with everyone. After gathering people from both groups, I met a woman nice enough to take a picture of us and even recommend fun poses. Many of us also took advantage of the cool water and swam to some rocks out in the sea. Again, this was very unlike the beaches I have ever been to in America. In Paphos, there was more to the beach than just sand and water. There were rocks, cliffs, palm trees, and even a castle in the distant reminding of us of the area’s history we learned about yesterday.

After spending the majority of the day in Paphos, we came back to Nicosia to prepare for this week’s itinerary. Today was the perfect way to recharge after a busy schedule the past week. Now after laying in the sun, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the sea I feel prepared for the more busy days to come.

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