Sunscreen? Never Heard of Her!

As the title implies I might be a little sunburnt, sorry mom. Aside from that I had such a fun day! My roommate Sam and I woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise on the beach. We walked to the same beach we went to last evening with our other friends. The sunrise wasn’t completely visible from where we were but it was still worth it. I took some photos of it too. After that, we went back to the hotel to have breakfast. I had a few slices of bread along with orange juice. It was pretty good. We had some time to kill before heading to the beach so we went to the hotel pool. There was some music playing and we lounged by the poolside for about an hour. I was mildly disappointed that there was not a hot tub but it’s okay. Then it was time for the beach! I got to the beach at around 10am and stayed until around 2:30pm. All of the Cyprus students were there and it was really fun. I played volleyball with a group of us. We were able to hit the ball back and forth 25 times before dropping it! I also enjoyed some good tanning. However I was getting hot, so I got into the water for a little bit. It was weirdly rocky and the waves were kind of forceful but I can still say I have swam in the Mediterranean. I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful beach. The water in Paphos is so clear that you can still see your feet even after going out deep. The sand is also nice but there were some random large rocks that were unideal. Today was definitely something that I will remember for my entire life.

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