The Ireland You’ve Been Waiting For…

Getting to experience the rural side of Ireland was a breath of fresh air( both literally and figuratively). Dublin has been a fantastic experience thus far. I honestly have been enjoying my time getting to experience the city part of Ireland, but getting to witness the beauty of nature today was breathtaking. On our scenic drive to Wicklow, I immediately noticed the peace and quiet of the town. In Dublin, there are hundreds of cars driving down the street and even more people walking down the sidewalk. Double-decker public transportation buses and businesses like cafes and little boutiques lined up on every sidewalk and street. Contrasting to Wicklow, there were minimal cars on the road and an abundance of hills, valleys, and trees. The pace of the town was slow and relaxing, unlike Dublin, which is “ fast and furious.” The predominant industry of sheep farming in the area is a good illustration of the “ warm and cozy” feeling that Wicklow gives off.

The scenery of rural Ireland has undoubtedly been one of my favorite parts of this study abroad experience thus far. It’s incredible to see what nature looks like beyond the Schenley and Frick parks that we are used to. There was something about admiring the lakes and walking through a forest filled with so many different shades of green that made me want to pack a bag and camp out in the woods. Honestly, I’m still trying to gather the words to describe the tranquil experience. I keep replaying the sounds of the forest and the lake in my head, trying to hold onto the peaceful moment that I experienced. Today is a memory that I will make sure to bring back to Pittsburgh.

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