Day 7: A Relaxing Beach Day

This blog is a bit of a shorter one because it did not have any cultural or business visits. Instead, many people within the group went to the beach in the morning before we transferred our stuff from our overnight stay in Paphos back to our hotel in Nicosia. At the beach, a large group of us volleyed a volleyball around (we were able to get to 25 volleys!). Others were sunbathing. However, the thing that excited me the most was that we went out to rocks that were around 100 feet away from shore and hung out there a while. The Mediterranean was colder than expected, but it was a picturesque blue-green with a delicate white foam when it crashed onto rocks. I thought that the view from the rocks was beautiful. However, the rocks were sharper than expected if you did not find the right rock to sit on. I had a great time on the Paphos beach, and I am excited for any time that I may go back to the Mediterranean in my future!

A view of a group of us that went to the rocks near the Paphos beach.

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