Day 8: The Day at UNIC

After the weekend at Paphos, it was time to come back and learn about some industry in Cyprus. So at 9 o’clock, we headed over to UNIC and talked to Fleet Management Limited (FML) (it’s a bad acronym, but they chose it for some reason). Like other days dealing with the shipping industry, we were taught where FML fits into the supply chain. As their name implies, they help manage the cargo ships by supplying crew and delivering goods. It was pretty interesting to listen to and learn more about the shipping industry globally. It was then time for lunch which was had at The Block, their Eatery (but way better in quality).

We then were lead to an auditorium to learn about the blockchain and forecasting. It was really learning about forecasting (basically making predictions about the future economy). We met with someone who helps with forecasting competitions and it was cool to see how forecasting has changed and how machine learning has impacted it.

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