Day Eight: The Great Crypto Debate

After a nice relaxing weekend at the beach, company visits all day definitely weren’t the first thing on my to-do list. Alas, we did it anyways. The first company we visited was FML Ship management company. They operate ships all over the world, and hire sailors that are trained at schools like the one we visited on Friday. Despite their presentation and Q&A session being very long, it was enjoyable and engaging: probably because I kept answering the questions right. That was quite fun, although I did not received either of my promised chocolate bars. Following their presentation, we went next door for lunch.

Once again, the Nicosia dining hall was much better than the Eatery. I enjoyed my lunch of white rice, carrots, steak and potatoes immensely. I also got this chocolate peanut butter drink from their café, which was delicious. Cyprus has so much better drinks than whatever bean water they serve over in the states. Some companies could make some serious money by moving back home with us.

After lunch, we received a brilliant lecture on cryptocurrency, NFT’s and blockchain. It was a great lecture, clarified a lot of things and actually made sense! It really helped increase my understanding of that tech and I know it did for my classmates too.

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