May 16th – Monster Münster, Spiraling Stairs, & Spiderman!

Captain’s Log: Day 9

Guten Morgen!

Well look at that! It’s day 9, I guess time does fly when you’re having fun 😢

Anyways, it’s a beautiful day in Augsburg, fresh rain! It’s actually quite relaxing when it isn’t aggressive (and believe me, I’ve seen torrential downpours a couple times this week)

Today is the first day we venture out of the unknown. Me and my hearty crew are on our way outside the state of Bavaria!! (the State in Germany where Augsburg and Munich are located), my vessel was the beautiful ICE train, a glorious vessel capable of reaching speeds of over 140 mph. Me any my crew boarded, and we’re heading straight to the city of Ulm, all hands on deck!! 🏴‍☠️🚈

The ICE, a beautiful vessel made for a loyal captain, and his hearty crew!
Yo ho!

Land ho!! We arrived in the city of Ulm, a glorious city, with a rusty attitude, and older building structures. Anyhoo, we took a short tour of the tallest church in the world, Münster. Looking at all the architecture and artifacts in the church was really something special to me. I admire the way complicated structures look, always wondering how they were built in the times of the old societies, like the ancient Egyptians building massive pyramids out of blocks weighing tons! It’s truly remarkable what people can do if they put their mind and backs into it!

Münster Church is a Monster of a Church!

Mind-blowing Architecture of the Church &
Complex and Detailed Stained Glass

Anyways, after learning about the old (and yet really awesome looking) stained glass in the church, we decided to climb it! (Climb the stairs that is, not the outside of the edifice) So once we got our tickets to climb, our mountainous journey began! I was initially expecting to fly through these stairs, but the stairs were spiral shaped and extremely narrow, making the whole stairwell an absolute nightmare for a claustrophobe! Also, another thing I’ve learned is, old structures have VERY steep stairs, so this whole process was an absolutely killer leg workout 🦵🏽😅

Entrance to the Stairwell
A Place of Darkness and the Smell of Old Bricks 😂
Spiraling Stairs of Münster Church

The total amount of stairs in this Church was 768, but due to some construction, we only got to about 396ish which made me feel quite disappointed, but it’s fine. The views was really nice from the “middle” but I’m sure from the top it surely would’ve been even better!

City of Ulm from the center of the church
On clear days, the alps can be seen crisply in the distance

As they say, what goes up must come down, and likewise, so did we XD

In my personal opinion, it was very tiring ascending, but I had no other concerns, going down made my left leg shaky, and I was honestly worried I may have slipped and tumbled all the way down 😅. Fortunately, that didn’t happen and I conquered (half of) the church! 🎉

After leaving the church, we started exploring the rest of the city of Ulm and came across some absolutely excellent and wild sights!

One of Ulm City’s most famous buildings, the Schiefes Hotel!
The floor inside is slanted (as shown) and therefore, the
bed legs are all different sizes to maintain balance!

Beautiful views with the canals and the Donau River

Towards the end of our tour, we stopped by a very famous tower called Metzgerturm, or in English, the Butcher’s Tower. I’m not entirely sure why it was given this name, but the one really interesting aspect of it was that it was leaning! I don’t have a photo of it from the side to show, but basically the tour guide explained how the tower was leaning so the town needed a way to keep the tower in balance.

Metzgerturm, built way back in the 15th century!

As soon as I saw how they kept it in balance, I knew the only logical way this was done, was that Spiderman saved the tower with his webs! Good old Spidey came all the way from New York to save the tower in Germany, he truly is a hero!

Spiderman’s webs saved the tower! Just like when he saved the train, and other awesome stuff!

Finally in Ulm, we all ended the tour and grabbed lunch at a place called L’Osteria which was basically a chain pizza place across Germany (maybe even all of Europe?) I decided to order something called the Rustic Pizza, which was absolutely delicious! Every food I’ve eaten thus far has not failed to impress me!

Consisting of Tomatoes, Onions, Olives, Cheese, and Spicy Sauce!
Also, this “personal” size, was massive!

Finally we re-boarded my beautiful ICE vessel, and headed back to Augsburg!

Even though all of that ^ sounded dense, it’s only about 3:00 PM here!! So I decided to maximize the day and check out the local Augsburg mall with my good friend Nate! I’ve really enjoyed the walking during this trip, as it is good to walk and I always see very cool things on my way to and from a location.

Once we arrived to the mall, we honestly just browsed to see what had been available. We were hoping the mall would be more directed towards Germany and German culture, but it was exactly the same style and idea as the malls in the US.

Augsburg Gallerie Mall

Finally we left the mall, and Nate agreed to show me the location of a fantastic bakery called Wolf, where I decided to just go out and grab some pastries to eat for the next few days!

Absolutely delectable looking pastries 😋!
I regret not visiting the bakery sooner!
Strawberry Cake Roll with real strawberries, and the beautiful skies of Augsburg!

I think after all the food and activity I’m pretty much done today, so I’ll wrap up the blog here. Come back tomorrow for some really awesome photos, as well as another great blog!


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