Ulm! (May 16)

Lord Ulm-mighty today was a good day! (I know, that pun was pretty cheesy). Today we visited Ulm, one of the most architecturally pleasing cities in Bavaria. The buildings here were stunning, but the cathedral in the center of town really stole the show. Ulm houses the tallest religious cathedral in the world!

Ulm’s Cathedral!

We toured through the city and saw many other beautiful sights. The city is very “European” in style, and contains all of the charm that comes with a city built so close to a river. Ulm is built right along the banks of the Danube river. The system of canals that runs through the city is really quite breathtaking.

Ulm’s Canals!

The inside of the cathedral at Ulm was quite beautiful too! The interior featured high ceilings, with intricate stained glass windows. I found the interior of the church to be peaceful, as the air was much cooler than that of the outside world. Sound seemed to travel softer through the air.

Interior of the Cathedral!

Later, we climbed halfway to the top of the cathedral! After climbing over 300 stairs (how tiring), we got a view that was well worth the exercise. This bird’s eye view of Ulm was spectacular! I think I could almost see my house from here!

View from the Cathedral!

Finally, we finished our time at Ulm by eating at a local pizza shop. I ordered a pizza, half Hawaiian and half BBQ chicken (yes, I am one of the few people in this world who enjoys a good Hawaiian pizza). The pizza was delicious, and I ate almost the entire thing in under 5 minutes. We then sprinted back to the train station to head home to Augsburg.

Today’s blog is a shorter one since we only spent the early portion of the day in Ulm. The rest of the day was dedicated to group project work, which I’ll touch on in the days to come! As always, I’ll see you tomorrow! Bye!

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