Day 5

Today started off spectacularly: 9:30 wake up. Today, we were traveling to BSM Ship Management Center and specifically learned about their Maritime services, or training for those who travel at sea. Maritime services is like college for ship-members, and students learn all about how to man a ship, the specifics to the roles they want, and receive real life simulations before they sail on open waters. One of the coolest parts of this visit was actually seeing the rooms where they run their simulations, and getting to drive a vessel virtually. It is safe to say that as a group, thee is a 0 percent chance we would be able to collectively steer a vessel in the water, as we set off multiple alarms in the simulation. Ultimately, it was a fun and educational experience, and it helped me to see the important expertise needed to get the products we rely on from point A to point B.

After the Ship Management Center, we headed to a seafood restaurant. This was a very interesting experience for me as I have a severe shellfish allergy. I must say I was a bit jealous watching everyone else authentic shellfish, crab, calamari and more. It was also a restaurant in which the fish and shellfish were served whole, which for some reason something I also thought was really cool. However, most people hated it. However, I didn’t stay jealous for too long, as I got three whole fish to eat. It was an interesting experience to eat around the bones and many other fish structures you can’t eat, to say the least.

After lunch, we visited a mosque. This experience was very cool as this was my first time every experiencing one. It had the same genre atmosphere as an ancient church, but the inside was bare compared to the very decorated Catholic Churches I had seen. Instead, the space was pretty empty, because of the way they pray.

We rounded off our day with a trip to the beach in Larnaca. It was pretty cold, but still amazing. Swimming in the tame Mediterranean water was much different than the rough Atlantic. I was also able to swim very far as the water didn’t get deep for much longer than what I’m used to. After the swim we returned home and ate at an Italian restaurant with a Cypriot twist. The food was amazing, per usual, and I once again spent the dinner chatting with friends.

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