Day 8: Fleets and Forcasting

Today we spent our day at UNIC for a company visit and some talks with representatives from the University. We met with Fleet Management Limited which originates from Hong Kong but has a main branch in Cyprus as well. We began with an overview of the company and then proceeded on with being asked questions to see how well we knew the shipping world. After this, we ate lunch at the University cafeteria before our next meetings. 

Following, we met with the CEO of UNIC who told us all about blockchain, cryptocurrency, nfts, and the metaverse and his personal views and perspective. We then met with a former Olympian, Spyros Makridakis, who told us all about the process of data forecasting and the competitions that are held. We returned to our hotel after a quick drive and I ended up walking around both the New and Old City of Nicosia before finding somewhere to eat. 🙂

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