Day 9: Visiting Google

What do you think it takes to land a job at Google? Apparently, we’re all a lot more qualified than we would think. When Arthur asked me if I’d want to work at Google, I wanted to doubt myself and say “I could never.” After hearing Arthur and Kelly’s paths to working at Google, I feel more capable. 

An admirable theme within the hiring process that I’ve seen in Ireland is that employers seem to be hiring based more on someone’s personality rather than their resume. Of course it takes some level of qualification. However, given Arthur and Kelly’s backgrounds, it’s obvious that Google has a position for everyone. Google looks for people with a strong work ethic who want to expand their knowledge. Kelly’s background of German and Russian landed her a spot because Google was hiring someone who could speak multiple languages. However, she noted that Google tends to move employees around, which is why they hire based on capability rather than achievement. 

Although visiting Google felt more like a tour, I believe that compared to Microsoft, its space allows for more productivity. Within both companies, you can find sleeping pods, meditation spaces, and many other aspects that make work fun. Ireland as a whole seems to be modernizing their work culture, and these two companies certainly follow along. 

Working at Google requires adaptability. It requires a passion for lifelong learning and success. I strongly believe the work culture within Ireland and specifically, Google is imitable and America should take notes.

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