Famagusta Day!

We got an early start today and headed towards Famagusta. Due to Famagusta being militant occupied we had to have our passports to cross into that part of Cyprus. Famagusta was invaded by Turkey and is technically not part of Cyprus anymore. We got to be some of the first people to walk through the abandoned part of the city. After Turkey invaded that part of Cyprus it has been a ghost town for 48 years. It was so creepy walking through and seeing all of the rundown buildings left exactly as they were when the invasion happened. There were very beautiful flowers everywhere though. After that, we went to the medieval part of the town. There was a beautiful cathedral and a wall that ran along the outside of the town. I was able to stand on top of the wall and I could see the sea from up there. I also went to a small Turkish cafe for lunch. I got baklava and it was exquisite. The currency was kind of confusing though, but I was still able to use euros so it wasn’t the end of the world. We then left to go to the beach! I believe it was called Fig Bay. The water was so, so clear and it was just beautiful. After a quick dip, we drove to go see the sea caves. There was a small church by the edge of the cliff too. The sea caves were also so pretty. Finally, we drove a little bit further to look at a natural bridge made of rock. I could not walk across the bridge but it was still cool to see. Today was probably another one of my favorite days! All of the natural landmarks in Cyprus still amaze me. I love being outside so today was perfect.

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