Today we spent the whole day in Famagusta. First, we had to drive through the buffer zone set up by the UN between the free side of Cyprus and the Turkish Military controlled side. Once through the boarder we walked through a city that was abandoned after the Turks invaded the Northern half of Cyprus. It was so cool seeing how these buildings have been left the same way for over seventy-four years. It was like walking back in time. Next, we spent time in the old city of Famagusta. We got to stand on the old walls that protected the city from invasion against the Ottomans. After we left the controlled zone, we went to the beach. Famagusta is known for having the prettiest beaches in Cyprus. They were the leading sources of tourism revenue before the invasion, and they still are. We swam in Fig Tree Bay. The water was so clear here that you could easily see the bottom of the sea. You could also see the fish swimming around by your feet. There were also no waves, so the water was so calm. The water was very shallow, so it was easy to stand almost everywhere. This beach was so pretty, I would love to come back to it some other time. Lastly, after the beach we went and saw the Famagusta Sea Caves. The sea caves are the main thing people come to Famagusta for. Apparently, the best way to see all of the caves is to go on a boat; however, we did not do that, so we only saw one specific cave. I have never been in a sea cave before, so it was really cool to see. The water from inside the cave was very blue and calm. It is definitely something I will never forget.

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