Business as a Non-profit!

Nearly every company we visited holds high regards towards FoodCloud. I find that FoodCloud has been able to be known by the community because of their strong passion for eliminating food waste. They are impact-driven rather than revenue-driven, which enables them to stand out. The FoodCloud representative mentioned that FoodCloud does not have competitors. Instead they view organizations that would be “competitors” as potential partners to work with to increase the amount of food rescued. Their unconventional business practices show that FoodCloud truly cares about helping those in need rather than being the #1 business.

FoodCloud shares some traits that align with other companies we have visited. Each business we have toured share one common value: growth. In the next few years, FoodCloud wants to expand their scope of work to repurposing surplus foods, establishing a Center of Excellence, and starting up a food truck service composed of all excess foods.

What I have learned in working with a team throughout this course is responsibility. My group mates and I always made sure we each had a section of the assignment that we are responsible for, so that we can hold each other accountable. Today, I missed class time and I notified my group of my absence and asked them to let me know what we are working on so I can still contribute. We ended up working on our designated parts leading up to the FoodCloud site visit. I felt bad missing class time, but I kept my responsibility of doing my portion of the project.

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