Business first, class field trip second

It was time for our first company visit and to really start the ”business trip”. The jetlag was still somehow present but it did not stop us from waking up early and properly fuel up at breakfast downstairs. Everyone showed up in their business casual and marked the official start of the study abroad experience. We took the bus there as we prepared questions and talked about possible dinner plans, still admiring the uncongested roads and vivid green German landscape.

We visited Hoerbiger, and we had an amazing talk with the CEO and other employees, we visited the offices and toured the laboratories. As a business student, I was intrigued to hear all the engineering talk and see the machines although it has little to do with my field of study, I never thought I would be interested in it but seeing the process and putting it supply chain terms made the experience enjoyable and worthwhile. We learned how Hoerbiger treats their employees and their efforts in order to emphasize openness and create a healthy work environment for optimal employee performance and company culture.

After our first company visit, we took the train to Oberammergau. There we explored the beautiful rural side of Germany and visited the most beautiful mountain I have ever seen in my life. I was speechless as I ascended on the ski lift and witnessed the beautiful landscape, it felt like I was headed to the top of the world. After some time up there (and a long photoshoot session) we headed back down for traditional Bavarian dinner and gelato, both of which were amazing and high quality. Only downside being that you have to pay for water and drinks are not served with ice, but never the less, we had an outstanding dinner.

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