Famagusta Adventures

I never thought I would have the privilege to visit an abandoned city. Famagusta’s abandoned city was a sight to behold. Being able to walk around the town, even on just that one road, was something else. It felt like I could see the life oozing out of the buildings. Each has character and I can feel the history and the dreams of the people that were left in those abandoned concrete shells. The greenery had retaken the town so there were trees and bushes everywhere. It felt like I was walking through a movie set or I was inside of a dystopian video game. I would definitely look for more ghost towns like it in the US because it was a lot more fun than I was expecting.

Afterwards we explored a small town in North Cyprus, and something very strange happened at lunch. I know that certain cultures value men higher than women and at a table of 5 other girls the waiter came over and whispered in my ear. It made me very uncomfortable and I cannot imagine how the girls at the table felt. Don’t think I’ll be going to Turkey any time soon.

Then, we went to the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my entire life. The sandbar went for yards and yards, and it was the perfect height to where we could float around but still play a game on the water if we wanted to. The sand itself was so bright and so pure it felt like walking on a cloud. The water was the clearest blue, even better than Aphrodite’s Rock. The water was so refreshing, I could have spent days there.

Finally, we ate dinner at an Asian place called Wagamama and it was amazing. Normally when I get east Asian food, it’s either sushi or noodles but I got a donburi bowl and I was pleasantly surprised. There was a Wagamama in the Heathrow Airport so maybe I’ll have some more very soon.

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