Flexibility- Word of the Week


Our final destination of our Ecuador experience was to be staying by the west coast of Ecuador. We worked very hard to complete our final presentations at the lodge we were staying in in the Amazon Rainforest, so this was supposed to be the easiest and most relaxing part of our journey! We departed our lodge to make way to the Quito airport to catch our flight to Manta to get to the coast, when we all noticed that our bus has stopped. Already leaving over an hour later than anticipated, we departed the bus to see what was the hold up. The road we were taking to get over the mountain had been completely blocked off- covered by the side of the mountain that had broken lose and created a mud slide over the entire road! Although some other travelers had grabbed their shovels to start rerouting the water and moving the rocks from the road, our hope of getting across did not look good. Eventually, a bull dozer truck had come and cleared the path to be safe for crossing again. This unfortunately took over an hour for us to get moving again, but we made it across! We arrived at the Quito airport with no more than ten minutes before our flight took off, and the gates were already closed. One of our key words this trip has been flexibility, so we made a new plan! Our bus came back to pick us up and drive us over ten hours through the night so that we could make it to our destination by morning. Our bus driver was a real hero yesterday. We had a super fun day today at a national park nearby, with a short and fun little hike and swimming in the Pacific Ocean-which was my first time ever. All worked out very well, and I’m very thankful for our bus driver who was worked well overtime yesterday. Now time for more fun on the coast!

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