PwC and the Future of Supply Chains: Cyprus Day 10

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that my time is running out here. I’m quite sad about it, but there will be something nice about being back home. Luckily, today was a fun and full day that allowed me to forget about the end of the trip. The day started a lot later which was very good because it allowed me to catch up on sleep. Once up and going, we all headed to the PwC Cyprus headquarters. Their building was very cool and had a classy interior. There we were provided food and coffee and then given presentations. The food was great and while I’m not a big coffee person I decided to get a cappuccino which was great as well. The presentations were intriguing. One was from a PwC analyst in Germany who connected with Teams. He discussed the technological element of moving supply chains towards the future. He also explained why certain technological champions were so successful. Next we received a talk from on of PwC’s case studies: Super Home Store. Complimenting the first presentation, this one focused on the human elements that make a supply chain more advanced and successful. It promoted the importance of partnerships as well as innovation. Lastly, we entered a more pick and choose style where there were different stations. I visited the stations that discussed Bitcoin’s applications in the supply chain and the circular economy.

After our meeting we had a large amount of free time to enjoy Nicosia. First, a group and I visited the Levantis Museum, which houses important artifacts from Nicosia history. It was pretty cool, but we had to rush through since it closed at 4 pm. Then we grabbed ice cream at the best place in town and revisited Avo’s Armenian Food for a quick bite. I tried khachpuri which is bread, halloumi cheese, and egg yolk. It liked I a lot but it was logistically challenging to eat. After we grabbed our passports and went to the Turkish side of Nicosia to see what was up. We made it through the border crossing with ease and visited some key sites like the mosque and Büyük Hamam. I stopped in a small shop and bought two evil eye bracelets. The evil eye supposedly protects you from evil spirits. I got one for my sister and one for me. We returned to the Greek side and went to the farewell dinner with the whole group. Here we thanked all the people who helped make this trip possible and had a final meal all together. Later in the night, some of us went out to a local pub type place to watch the Europa League Final which ended in penalty kicks. Very exciting!

I was very happy with today, and it just made me grateful for the whole trip. It’s truly been a great experience and I’ve loved pretty much every second of it! Tomorrow is our last full day in Cyprus. While it is sad to think about, it’s really just a testament to how amazing this trip has been! I will try to savor this last drop of Cyprus as much as possible as I prepare for the return home.

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