Tenth Day in Cyprus: PricewaterhouseCoopers Visit

Our tenth day started off later than usual with a short 11am bus ride to visit PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). There, we were given several presentations about supply chain in their Experience Center room on the top floor of the building. We began with a presentation from a manager from PwC Germany about a study by PwC on supply chain management. Something I took away from this presentation was that A.I. plays and will continue to play an important role in making supply chains more efficient, and also enables humans to make better decisions about their company’s supply chain. Then, we had a presentation from an executive at Superhome Center, which is like the Cypriot equivalent of a Home Depot, Walmart, or Menards. He described how the supply chain for his company used to be smooth and reliable because they had a stable supplier of materials, however, when COVID-19 hit, it disrupted the supplier and forced Superhome Center to look for cheaper options elsewhere. 

After his presentation, we had a variety of catered food for a snack, and pivoted to several parallel presentations. The first one I saw related to the usage of blockchain technology in supply chains, yet the second one I saw stood out to me the most. The second presentation was about having a circular economy, where objects can retain their value better through reusage, refurbishment, remanufacturing, and recycling. This model is much better for the environment than the more mainstream linear economy, where items are used usually once or twice then begin to lose their value over time. For example, there is a company that takes wasted coffee grounds and converts them into biofuels and coffee “logs” for heating. 

Additionally, the Experience Center itself is worthy to note. On the right side, there was a diagonal screen able to project holograms located on a stage, in the middle there were 9 touchscreen TVs connected to make one larger screen, and on the left there were several presenting stations and a small cafe area. I learned that this room is where PwC takes clients to show off the technology they are capable of. Overall, it was an interesting day learning more in depth about the supply chain.

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