The Last Business Meeting

Today was the last day we had scheduled for business meetings, and we had the opportunity to meet with Price Waterhouse Coopers. This company is a place for auditors, accountants, business advisors and consultants. The office space they have is incredible, with new hologram technology and a wide-open spaced office for workers. They first talked to us about the supply chain. They said connected and autonomous supply chain includes vision, benefits, smart logistics flow, supply chain transparency and sustainability, operating model development, and a few other sectors. Supply chain transparency ingests data from various sources abs provides alert-based transparency in a single platform. Digital champions use AI turbo charge supply chain capabilities, fueled by their ability to leverage external data. They talked about how different sectors of the market are more advanced in the digital market than others, like how the automobile industry is way more advanced than engineering and pharmaceuticals. We then broke up into stations and talked about block chain, sustainability, and transportation. In the same space we had a chance to talk to Superhome Center Limited. They are like the Lowes or Walmart of Cyprus. They offer products for home, garden, and office spaces. Their competitors are supermarkets that are just like them, IKEA, and others that have near to the same products as they do. This year they are projected to make 55 million euros which for the island is pretty good. They have 450 40ft cargo containers which this makes a connection back to the shipping industry in the supply chain that we have previously visited. Because of Covid, the shipping costs have skyrocketed. The cost of shipping a container from China went from $2 thousand to $14 thousand and other prices within the process have risen as well. We then went shopping for souvenirs and then had our farewell send off dinner as it is the end of our trip.

Turkish flag on mountain
meeting area for pwc

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