What I learned: Engineering kids like automation

We started our busy day at Webasto, a German company that mainly specializes in roofing systems. They were kind enough to greet us with pretzels (probably the fourth one I’ve had so far since I got here, no complains though) and coffee to wake us up. We had an initial presentation to talk about financials and other business aspects before receiving a tour of the factory which allowed us to see the different ways their roofing systems are tested in order to ensure the highest quality and keep them as a market leader and respectable supplier in the industry.

After our first visit of the day, the rest of the schedule was filled with: BMW, and everyone was extremely excited about that. After arriving at Munich, we explored the BMW factory and saw an uncountable amount of robots and other top-notch technology. They walked us through stations that helped us visualize how cars are build, step by step. It was paradise for both the business and engineering students. Some of my engineering friends were loosing their minds about the amounts of ”automation” they saw, I listened as they explained how automation is an engineers favorite word. The BMW’s machines were highly automated and left my STEM friends ( and myself) speechless. After what is now my favorite factory tour, we spend the next few hours at the BMW museum, filled with a multitude of cars and motorcycles. Each corner was filled with extraordinary vehicles and history about BMW. For the cherry on top, we ended up receiving a small talk about BMW’s history and supply chain where we were able to ask a ton of question.

After a day filled with company visits and TONS of walking, we headed back to Augsburg to end the day. My camera roll was filled with pictures of cars, from all different styles and colors (which made my brother and dad both lose their minds when I shared some of them). We walked around the various plazas to witness the sunset and end the day.

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