With a Purpose

Food Cloud is intertwined with the local community and is very well known. Previous site visits have mentioned Food Cloud and its positive impact. Why is Food Cloud so well known? Food Cloud’s goal is to promote sustainability and reduce food waste while helping those in need. With 40% of the global food supply wasted and roughly 60% of the waste preventable, much can be done to reduce waste. Through technology, Food Cloud acts as an intermediary to connect grocery stores and manufacturers with charities to distribute food that would otherwise be wasted. There are two ways of collecting the food. Initially, the charities were connected to the stores and alerted when near expiring/best taste foods were available. As time when on, Food Cloud began receiving deliveries and distributing the goods from their warehouse/port. A specific line of items is retained on hand to ensure the stability of core items as the available food varies all the time.

Food Cloud is successful because of the people working, top to bottom. The culture and makeup are authentic, filled with volunteers, people wanting to make a difference and help out, and customer-obsessed but not to make a profit. But, as with all of the other site visits, passion is vital. All of the people we spoke to love their job, from large firms like Google to smaller firms like Thinkhouse and Food Cloud.

I feel that even being customer-obsessed is not enough to succeed. The passion behind the work completed is way more important. How can I provide the best service if I am not fully committed? Combining this idea and surrounding yourself with a group of diverse, passionate individuals is the best way to grow and provide the best “customer-obsessed” service.

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