Day 11: The Final Day

We began our last day in Cyprus with our last hotel breakfast and a trip over to the pharmacy to get Covid tested to return to the United States. Thankfully, all of us were negative! We then headed over to Vasilliko Port or VVTV, a company which specializes in cement as well as holding storage. We were given an overview of the processes that take place as well as how it related to the overall supply chain. VVTV is only a branch of the larger VVTI mother company. Everyone also recieved some refreshments as well as a VVTV keychain and tote bag. Those who ask answered some Kahoot questions right also got a speaker!

We then took a tour of VVTV, visiting the control and monitoring room as well as the side of the ports where we had to wear a hard hat and a reflective vest for safety reasons. It was pretty cool! We also saw a big sea turtle swimming in the water nearby.

After the company vist, we spent the rest of our day back in Larnaca near Saint Lazarus and the beach once again! I got a good smoothie and a waffle for lunch and did some last minute shopping before walking along the beach with my feet in the water. This water was slightly warmer than the days before! 

With our trip truly at its end, the only word I can use to describe it in its entirety is fantastical. Every day led to a new adventure and a new town or aspect to learn and explore. Every historical and cultural site we saw felt very surreal as in the United States there is not as much age old history to look back on. Some of the tales and stories that were being told also were interesting in how they compared to what I already knew or had expected.

This trip made me look at Cyprus from all angles and take in all parts of the island which I am thankful for. I cannot say how thankful I am to everyone who has been aiding us and considerate to us every step of the way even in our clumsiness. Without a doubt, this trip has made an impact on me and shown me things that will last and remain in my mind for a lifetime.

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