Salt Water and Sweet Treats

I swim up to the surface with the taste of salt in my mouth. The bright sun shines directly above us, burning our already-burnt shoulders from last weekend’s beach day in Paphos. But that doesn’t bother us – we only have one thing on our mind: today is our last day in Cyprus.

We spent our final day by the beach in Larnaca. I got to swim in the Mediterranean Sea one last time before we return back to the United States tomorrow. We tossed a frisbee around, volleyed a volley-ball, and even dug an Owen-sized hole in the sand (thanks to Erica and Brenda). Our professors then treated us to some ice cream (the only proper way to end a beach day). The bittersweet taste of my coffee-flavored ice cream reflected the bittersweet ending of the most unforgettable trip.

Although I am sad to say goodbye, I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to explore Cyprus through the various cultural excursions and business meetings. As a mechanical engineer, I feel as though I have gained a new perspective in the design process because this trip emphasized the importance of the supply chain in today’s society. Even though I was familiar with Mediterranean culture because of my French and Lebanese background, I still learned so much. Hearing about traditions and dishes from other people is not the same as experiencing them for yourself. I have grown so much as a global citizen and as an engineer in just the past two weeks and I hope to return to Cyprus someday!

I want to thank our chaperones, tour-guides, professors, and presenters for sharing their knowledge and insight into the world of business and engineering! I also want to thank my fellow peers for being adventurous and open-minded. They truly made this trip so much fun!

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