Thank You Cyprus


Our final day in Cyprus. What a sad moment. I can’t believe this trip has finally come to an end after just two short weeks. This morning we all got tested for Covid to make sure we could go back to the United States. Thankfully, we all tested negative. After that we went to the beach to celebrate our last day here. The beaches in Cyprus are the prettiest ones I have ever seen. It still amazes me every time we go to one. Before we left the beach, we all got ice cream together as a big group. I am very thankful to have had this opportunity to travel to Cyprus and will remember it forever. I learned so much along the way and had a great time here. Hopefully, one day in the future I will come back again. Either as a tourist or on another study abroad trip with the University of Nicosia. Whether I do come back or not, I will always cherish the memories I made during my short time here. Thank you for having me Cyprus.

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