Last Day of Business

Today we had our final company event, which took place at PWC. They took us to the top floor of their building, which was the coolest office area I had ever seen. The windows overlooked all of Nicosia and the technology inside was super advanced. They even had a hologram, which I had never seen in person before. We started off by listening to a few presentations from different companies. The first one was from a supply chain manager at PWC, who gave a super in depth talk about everything that went into the supply chain for their company. I had never thought of supply chains at such a complex level before, and to be honest a lot of it went over my head but I plan to take some supply chain classes at Pitt soon so hopefully it will make more sense after that. We then had a lunch break and of course the office had amazing food for us. Finally, a couple different stations were set up by companies to give a short interactive presentation to whoever wanted to listen. I spent most of that time listening to a woman explain how her company takes waste from coffee beans and turns it into energy.

After we wrapped up our final company meeting of the trip, we headed back to our hotel for a free afternoon before the farewell dinner. My friend and I decided to spend that time getting our first tattoos, which was a super fun experience. I was a little nervous at first but as soon as it was done I was super glad to have something to always remember this trip. Then we headed to the restaurant for our last group dinner, which was very sad. As usual, the food was delicious but it was sad to think about the trip coming to an end.

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