Salzburg! (May 19)


Wooohooo! Today was the free day of our trip, and we decided to go to Salzburg, Austria! Salzburg is a city right on the border between Germany and Austria. The city is famous for it’s involvement with mining and trading salt. Salzburg also features some incredible palaces, shopping streets, and fortresses. Our day began by boarding a high speed train to Munich! Once we arrived at Munich, we had to sprint to our connecting train to Salzburg, since there wasn’t much overlap time between the two trains.

Upon arriving in Salzburg, we were greeted by the warmest weather of the trip. The temperatures were upwards of 90 degrees (in Fahrenheit, if it were 90 degrees Celsius I would be a Peter-puddle!). The first thing we did was look for somewhere to eat and escape the heat. We found a nice little Austrian restaurant to eat at, and the food there was excellent! I got my final dish of schnitzel for the trip (I’m going to miss schnitzel a lot), alongside some soup. Delicious!

The Austrian Restaurant!

Later, we visited one of the palaces of Salzburg. The landscaping there was incredible! I thought the palace looked especially beautiful in the sunshine. We got very lucky with the weather. I need to hire whoever does the gardening here for my house out in Pittsburgh!

Outside of the Palace, looking towards the Fort!

Finally, we visited the fortress in Salzburg. I had no idea what was in store for us there, since I hadn’t heard about the place before we went, but what I saw amazed me. The fortress in Salzburg featured some of the most incredible views of the trip! The sights there rivaled what we saw at both Neuschwanstein and Oberammergau. The view was stunning!

The View of Salzburg from the Fortress!
The Salzburg Squad!

After the fortress, we hopped on a train back to Augsburg. That was the final adventure of our trip, making this the final “daily” blog post of Plus3 from me. I’ll have one final reflection post after this one to wrap things up, so stay tuned for that. But until then, I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the stories I’ve been able to share with you all. I really enjoyed writing these posts, and I cannot wait to look back on them in the future! I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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