Day 9 – Ulmer Münster and the (almost) 768 steps to the top (May 16th)

Today we went to the city of Ulm and what made it even more special was that we would be taking the train! German transportation truly is awesome and it’s so quick too. When we arrived, we immediately went on a city tour and explored a lot of the architecture including the main church building, the Ulmer Münster. In general compared to Augsburg, Ulm feels a lot older and the architecture reminds me of an old European city. It’s definitely more tourist feeling and there’s a lot of cool buildings here. In comparison, Augsburg feels like a modern town, with bars, shops, and people going about their daily lives. The tour was really cool and we got to see a lot of Ulm’s history. Some highlights include the leaning church and the tilted hotel that Dr. Feick talked about one of the very first times we met in Pittsburgh. It was cool that I saw something in a photo and then managed to take a photo of it myself.

Ulmer Münster
Leaning Tower and its support cables
Leaning Hotel!

After the tour, we had the amazing opportunity to climb the tower. As stated before, it’s 768 steps to the top, however, the last 100-200 steps were off limits as they were doing construction. That was a real bummer, but it still was quite difficult to climb up and I snapped a couple of cool photos at the top!

After the climb, we descended and went to lunch, which was at an Italian place called L’Osteria. I got a “rustica” pizza, which was mozzerella, fresh tomatoes, oregano, and something that made it slightly spicy. Although it tasted really good, we didn’t have enough time to eat it. We were supposed to get on the 1:58 train but our pizzas took a really long time to come out so a lot of people had to eat back in their apartments or on the train ride back.

On the train ride back, our company group also talked with Dr. Feick about our presentation. He made some great suggestions that would prove helpful when we met up with our group. We then got back to our hotel and them immediately after we went to the University of Augsburg to work on our presentation. We spent a good 3-4 hours going over it, finalizing how we wanted it to look, and then did a brief practice presentation that, in my opinion, went really well. For dinner, all the plus3 people met up and went to Enchiladas, which was a mexican restaurant in Augsburg. The food there tasted great but, people did ask for extra things and some of it never came. I do the restaurant a pass however because we did have a lot of food and a lot of people. It was a long day, so I then went to sleep afterwards, onto the next day!

Dinner at Enchiladas

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